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B-Choice Bath Bucket XL


Attention! Different terms and conditions apply to this B-Choice product.

B-Choice products are those with minor manufacturing defects, such as minor colour differences. These have also been showroom models and may have suffered light shipping damage. Nevertheless, all these models are quality-tested and thus still serve their purpose excellently. Letting you relax in your own mobile bathtub.

The warranty on these products expires, but should you wish to return the product, you can do so within 14 days of ordering. We will take care of a return label and in case of a return we will deduct €15,- administration costs from the total amount.

  • Voor 20:00 besteld is vandaag verzonden
  • 365 dagen garantie
  • Vanaf €99 gratis verzending

You will receive this upon delivery:

  • Bath Bucket XL
  • Drain hose
  • Bath stopper
  • Tray

Not only do you get a great deal by buying a B Choice item, you also contribute to less waste and a sustainable world.

Attention! The following apply to the B-Choice Bath Bucket XL:

  • No warranty on the product. Should you wish to return, you can do so within 14 days of ordering. In a case of returns, a €15 administration fee will be deducted from the total amount;
  • Buckets may have light shipping damage or have been showroom items;
  • Buckets may contain faint spots but are fully tested for quality.

B-Choice Bath Bucket XL

A Bath Bucket XL is ideal for relaxing when you don’t have a permanent bathtub in your current home. In this extra-large Bath Bucket XL model, you can get comfortable with your shoulders under the water. Besides, you can place the bath not only in your bathroom, but also balcony, garden or camping. As long as you can fill the bath with water.

On the side of the bath you have a tray where you can place a snack, drink or bath products. With a capacity of 210 litres, you can easily submerge with your shoulders.

The Bucket is safe and suitable for children. It is made of sturdy material so the bathtub can take a beating. Fill the bath with water, enjoy a me-time moment and afterwards, drain the bath using the included drain hose.

Er is altijd tijd voor ontspanning!

Dimensions 125 × 53 × 63 cm



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