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Bath accessories from HelloBath

Enjoying a (hot) bath only gets better with HelloBath’s bath accessories. Make your relaxing moment even more comfortable. This can be done in several ways.

Fizzing Bath Powder

Intensely enjoy a colored bath with the Fizzing Bath Powder. The powder is completely handmade and consists of organic and sustainable ingredients. There is no junk in these products so you can enjoy a carefree feast of fragrance and color.

Fizzing Bath Powder consists of bath crumbs. What are bath crumbs? Same as effervescent balls but in a bag! The big advantage is that you control how many crumbs you use per bath. Would you like just some color? Then you only need to add a few bath crumbs. In addition to the color explosion, fragrance is released when used. These are nice sweet and fresh scents.

Underwater Lighting Bath

Turn your bathroom into a true place of relaxation with HelloBath’s underwater lighting. Never again a dull, bright bathroom light during your relaxing moment. The lighting is suitable in any type of bathtub. And more! Also use the light in your Jacuzzi, pool, pond and aquarium.

With the 16 colors and 4 movement modes (fade in / out, flash and smooth), you decide what you feel like doing. Your space instantly becomes extra atmospheric. In addition, you receive a remote control that allows you to manage these different colors and modes remotely.

You can sink the light to the bottom or secure it with the included magnets or suction cups. 100% waterproof due to the extra thick silicone sealing ring.

Comfortable bath cushion

Are you also unable to find a nice position while bathing? And when you have found it, always get out of the bath with a sore neck, shoulders, back or buttocks? With HelloBath’s deluxe bath pillow, that’s a thing of the past. With the 8 suction cups, you won’t slip in the bathtub anymore.

It is possible to separate the back and seat sections. The convenient zipper makes it a snap! The bath pillow is suitable for any type of bath.

The bath accessories below can be used in both Bath Buckets and folding bathtubs from HelloBath.

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