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Children’s bath: Bath Bucket or folding bathtub an alternative

From the birth of a baby, it is wonderful to let your little one bathe in a children’s bath. And that doesn’t stop when they get a few years older! It is sometimes difficult to find an alternative if you do not have a permanent bathtub in your home. For example, you can wash them in the sink, but that is not the most ideal. And when they are older and therefore bigger, it becomes very difficult to achieve this. That is why a Bath Bucket or foldable bath could be the solution for you.

Bath Bucket as a children’s bath

If you are looking for a good alternative, a Bath Bucket can be a great solution. A Bath Bucket is practical, sturdy and safe for children. In addition, it fits in most shower rooms and is easy to use. This bath is ideal for children who are a little older. Enough space for several people! These Buckets are XL, so it is important to always supervise when children are using the bath.

You can use the Bath Bucket in your shower, but it is also ideal for the balcony, campsite or other place with access to water, for example a day at the beach.

It’s also great to take a bath together as you can see in the video below.

Foldable bath as a children’s bath

A foldable bath is ideal for use as a children’s bath. It is spacious enough for several places and can be set up in no time. You unfold the legs, fill the bath with water and can immediately enjoy a wonderful bath. When you have finished bathing, fold the bath and put it away. Basically just like you do with a laundry rack.

In addition, the foldable bathtubs are made of odorless and safe materials, so you can bathe your child with peace of mind. The bath consists of BPA-free and Phthalate-free material. That makes it safe for the skin of babies and children. And here too, never let your child take a bath alone without supervision.

And here too, the following applies: never let your child take a bath alone. A foldable bath can literally be used anywhere. In your bathroom, garden, balcony or other place with access to water.

Watch the instruction video of a foldable bath below.

In short…

You can ideally use a Bath Bucket and foldable bath as a children’s bath. The great thing is that you can easily take the baths with you so that you can take a bath anytime and anywhere. Not only fun for children but also suitable for adults.


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