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Do you recognize that? Long days at work, a busy social life and then also doing the housework? Sometimes it seemed as if I had entered a vicious circle and there was no time left to really relax. When I finally had that moment, I flopped on the couch, went to Netflix or just scrolled through my Instagram. Before I knew it, the issues of the day called to me again and I only longed for more relaxation.

I found that the problem of not feeling rested was my daily habits. I thought I was relaxing, but in contrast I was constantly stimulated by external factors, so that I could not fully relax. Things had to change!

When I visited a wellness day with a good friend and I sat quietly and alone in a warm bath, I came to rest and finally recharged myself. This is it, this is what I was looking for and needed.. a bath to relax and create a moment for myself. One problem.. I don’t have a bath at home, my bathroom is way too small to build one in and if I could, it would cost me way too much money. There had to be a solution for this and that solution came with the arrival of HelloBath.

By keeping fixed moments in my agenda free and consciously taking a bath, as I call it, I ensure that I live a healthier life, both mentally and physically and can really escape the issues of the day. I am proud that we have now helped more than hundreds of people to build in moments of ultimate relaxation from their own bathroom. Talking to customers and hearing how HelloBath has changed their lives for the better is still a great feeling.

Are we going to change yours too?

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